Friday, January 8, 2016

Working in America, Adjusting to tiny living and a free spirit

Working in America-The new trend

The employment landscape seems to be changing, not just for me, but for the younger generation as well, many with a college degree are having trouble, not all, but many. I'm not particularly looking for a job, but I have my resume out there should something good come along. My background has been in real estate, actually title insurance and usually as a consultant, sometimes as an employee. My passion is writing about boxing, living simple and with fewer material possessions. I live on a tight budget, save money and take time off when possible. My income from boxing is rarely touched for the most part and will be used for retirement should that ever happen. As of late, I have been contacted by various companies and agencies for possible employment which is a good thing right? One would think so, but all of the companies that have contacted me by email or phone want to start out with a phone interview usually later that day, or within a few days. In the past if a company contacted me we would meet, hammer out a deal and I would start working under contract until they didn't need me anymore.

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I loved it because they often became repeat employers and it gave me a lot of freedom. Now, besides lower wages in my field since the mortgage crisis, it seems companies or agencies have been making odd demands if you want to work for them. Several companies require "role playing" as part of the interview, usually having nothing to do with the job. Really? "WTF" does role playing have to do with a job unless it's an acting job? I told them all to give me a job-related question and I will give them a job-related answer. When called for a possible job, I now ask if the interview requires "role playing" as part of the interview, if they reply yes, I tell them I'm not interested. Corporate America is changing, many jobs are being shipped overseas and the trend in my field has been more about hitting numbers, spreadsheets and meeting quota's. Title insurance often requires intense investigation, reviewing legal documents and maps along with many other things, sometimes you just can't rush it. I may take a short term contract job to keep me going, but I have no intention of working for companies like these unless I have the passion, I'm just too much of a free spirit. So, what can we do? The answer is simple, either give in, or find something you like, maybe reinvent yourself. Get inspired and think about what you want to do, ask yourself, "how much of my life am I willing to give up for the amount of money offered."

Adjusting to Tiny Living and a free spirit

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Living tiny and with less wasn't by choice, it was forced upon me by my own doing and with no valid excuse. Some bad decisions and a divorce produced a bad attitude toward life, but that was the past. Looking back it has turned out to be the greatest adventure and blessing indeed. Having lived in a large home (to me anyway), 5 bedrooms, 4 baths with a large home office, the master bedroom alone was 546 sq. ft. was living the American Dream. I now live in a space that is 544 sq. ft. total. For me, it has turned into more of a game, what can I do to live stress-free, no worries and strive for less of a carbon footprint? The answer is simple, the less material things you own, the less you have to worry about. Example, a tiny house is less to heat and cool, less to clean and way less maintenance.

Possessing things you do own without having to make payments is peace of mind and produces a state of mental and emotional calmness. I also use public transportation whenever possible, although I own an old 1989 Ford truck (in great shape) if needed. The truck was purchased cash, no payments and with the intention of re-purpose. The journey was the "change of life" for me (about 6 years ago), it was the beginning of a great adventure. It required taking a look at myself, analyzing all my faults and acknowledging them, not an easy thing to do when you are approaching the backside of life. What was discovered was something that has always been in me, a "free spirit," someone that lives in the moment and travels a different path just for the adventure, it creates an energy that people notice.

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God plays a big part too, I have always believed in God, but now I talk with him throughout the day. My day starts early, around 3:30 a.m. with prayer and meditation, a Peet's French Roast Coffee and a cigarette (a bad habit I hope to quit soon), I do this every single day. Meditation draws in positive energy and thought's from God's Universe, sounds crazy, right? Well, it works for me, it sets the tone for my day. I can honestly say I don't have bad days anymore, maybe days that weren't as goods as others, but never bad. Having a positive outlook and prayers can only net good results, think about it, it's simply impossible to have negative thoughts when you think only positive thoughts. Think about what you wish to achieve, have a passion for it and it will happen because you draw the energy to you. More on my transition to tiny living and my free spirit soon just wanted to give an insight to my journey.

Some good friends, Cindy & Jack informed me that "Tiny Homes" will be at the Maricopa Home and Garden Show on Jan. 15-17 at the Fairgrounds in Phoenix. I am planning on attending and will blog and take pics too. Thanks for reading!


  1. Great read Ron. Interesting journey you have been on. Amazing how much we evolve. Great top left image as well. :)

    Geoff Ronning

  2. Love your writing! Looking forward to more. Telling others.

  3. Love your writing! Looking forward to more. Telling others.

    1. Thank you for your support and for telling others.